Motocross and Off-Road Suspension

Rebuilds, Revalve, Custom springs, custom coating and more!

RaceTech's Award Winning Gold Valve Kits...

...for forks and shocks provide a personalized setup that is custom tuned to your riding style. Gold Valves have an improved flow design that dramatically reduces harshness while actually increasing bottoming resistance (as shown with data acquisition). These Kits can be installed by individuals interested in understanding and tuning their own suspension or they can be installed by a Race Tech Center or Race Tech's Service Department. The Kits include Valving Charts and Valving Shims to allow a custom setup for a specific rider and conditions.

Fork Rebound Gold Valve Kit:

Many stock rebound valving systems are grossly inadequate. No matter what modifications are attempted, the stock valves will never perform with precision or control. If you race or simply want the best, Race Tech's Rebound Gold Valves are the solution to improved traction. Used by major factory teams, these valves increase flow area, putting valving control on the shim stack instead of the piston. This results in outstanding tunability, improved control and traction.

G3-LD Shock Gold Valve Kit: 

Guaranteed to provide better handling and each kit includes a Gold Valve and a personalized valving setup. You may install the kit yourself, send it to Race Tech, or send to your local Race Tech Center for installation. The G3-LD Gold Valve design creates better flow allowing improved bottoming resistance, plushness, control and traction as well as increased tunability.

Benefits of RaceTech Gold Valves:

  • -Increased tunability
  • -Personalized setup
  • -Reduced harshness
  • -Increased bottoming resistance
  • -Improved traction
  • -Consistent feel
  • -Technical support
  • -100% Guaranteed
  • -Made in the USA
With rebuild prices starting at:
$200.00  for Forks (plus parts*)
$200.00  for shocks (plus parts*)
*Parts can be any combination of Seals, Oil, Gold Valves, Springs, Bumpstop, Etc.



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