Performance Engine Modification


How do we make the best, better? 

Building a high quality engine requires a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, knowledgable technicians.  Race Tech provides quality, precision engine services using the best equipment and processes in the industry.

The staff at Race Tech has over 65 years of championship-winning engine building and tuning experience formally educated by the world's most renowned engineers.  

Services Include:


  • Race Tech uses a Rottler EM69P 5-Axis CNC Porting machine to provide the most accurate, consistent, precision porting on the market.

*Head porting is for RACING ONLY! Not for highway (DOT) use.



Race Tech uses a Rottler SG7 to provide a dependable, accurate, high quality valve job.  Each valve job has guaranteed concentricity of less than .001" and a vacuum test of better than 1%.

 - Standard 3 Angle Valve Job

A Standard 3 Angle Valve Job maintains factory designed flow and horsepower. Creates a valve to seat concentricity of less than .001". Includes spec sheet.

 - Hi-Performance 5 Angle Radius Valve Job

A Hi-Performance 5 Angle Radius Valve Job from Race Tech adds horsepower without sacrificing reliability by creating the best flow possible at the valve seat. Adding additonal angles and a radius to the valve ports increases air speed and flow.  Valve to seat concentricity of less than .001".  Includes spec sheet.

 - Valve Seat Installation

Race Tech can precisely remove and replace valve seats.

 - Valve Guide Installation

New valve guides are installed and precision honed to the correct tolerance. When guides are replaced, a valve job must be performed to ensure proper valve alignment. These two steps create valve to seat concentricity better than .001". 

 - Valve Refacing

With our valve refacer, we can create backcut angles to further improve flow.


Engine modification is for RACING ONLY! Not for highway (DOT) use.

Race Tech's head porting provides an increase in flow and velocity to gain both powerband and peak horsepower.  Race Tech porting is tested and developed using a combination of flow bench and dyno data.

 - Race Tech Pocket Porting

Race Tech's innovative Pocket Porting™ provides 75% of the flow and velocity gains available while maintaining a great price point. If you look at the two graphics at the left what it is showing is the importance of the four sections of the port. Notice that 40% fo the gains possible are very close to the valve seat opening. A whopping 75% of the total potential is covered only slightly further down the port (40% plus 35%). By focusing on these areas we can provide the best bang-for-the-buck.

 - Hi-Performance Full Porting

Full Porting increase flow and velocity for max efficiency (from flow bench data).  This option is available when cost is no object and you are looking for the best available.  Includes modifying the combustion chamber.

 - Head Decking

Head Decking can be done as a hi-performance upgrade or to repair a damaged head surface.  Race Tech machines the surface flat to less than .0005".  For hi-performance, head decking is used to tighten squish clearance and raise compression.  

 - Cylinder Decking

Cylinder Decking is available to repair a damaged cylinder surface or as a hi-performance upgrade.  Race Tech uses a lathe with precision expanding mandrels and digital readout to maintain extremely tight tolerances.  The surface of the cylinder becomes flat to less than .0005".  Machining to raise the compression ratio is also available.

 - Cylinder Head Rebuild

This service includes disassembly, reassembly and setting valve clearances.  When complete you have a ready-to-run head.

 - Cylinder Boring

Race Tech uses a motorcycle specific boring bar to bore 2 or 4 stroke steel sleeved cylinders.


Race Tech uses a high-end Land and Sea chassis dyno equipped with a braking unit and AFR (air fuel ratio) measurement.  Using the braking unit we are able to provide steady-state dyno testing at all throttle positions and RPMs to produce precise mapping and jetting.

The Race Tech Dyno can run up to 500 hp and is able to measure anything from motorcycles to UTVs up to 50 inches in width.  

Race Tech has a mobile dyno unit available for trackside tuning and on-site runs at events.

Note - if you would like us to dyno your bike we can provide data sheets and do so with complete confidentiality.



 - Cylinder Honing

Race Tech uses a Sunnen Precision Hone to provide a diamond hone finish using specialty stones for nikasil (the special stones are critical).  An essential process EVERY TIME a piston ring is replaced. This is true for all cylinder materials but especially true for chrome and nikasil bores.  Provides a fresh surface inside on cylinder wall.  This is critical yet often overlooked or misunderstood component for producing reliable, repeatable horsepower.

Ball Hones are used only for steel 2 stroke cylinders.  Never use ball hone on nikasil, it will damage and ruin the cylinder.
 - Valve Guide Honing
When a new valve guide is installed it must be honed to correct tolerance.  Honing the valve guide is another often overlooked, yet critical piece of building a high performance engine.  



 - Soda Blasting

Race Tech uses an ABS Products Soda Blaster to produce a like-new finish to decarbon and clean engine components.  We use a Soda Blaster instead of a bead blaster because it prevents the possibility of leaving abrassive material (glass/sand/egg shells) behind that can damage an engine.  The RT Soda Blaster cleans using non-abrasive baking soda combined with extremely high pressures.

 - UltraSonic

The Pro UltraSonic uses high frequency waves with a special cleaning solution specifically for engines to provide a like-new finish.

Sometimes it's the little things that count.


Race Tech has a custom built, computerized, state-of-the-art Flow Bench that is capable of flowing 28 inches at 600 CFM (yeah... those are big numbers - don't stand too close).  

Utilizing Port Flow Analyzer Pro software with fully digital air flow measurement, RT can provide flow graphing, as well as port velocity mapping.  The RT Flow Bench also has a pitote tube system for measuring port velocities.  

Note - if you would like us to flow test your head we can provide data sheets and do so with complete confidentiality.


Using a special assembly jig Race Tech replaces the connecting rod, pin, and bearing; then trues the crank assembly to a run-out of less than .001".  Includes spec sheet.


Race Tech offers Vortex ECU and custom mapping services. 

In addition to stocking Vortex Ignitions for many models with the standard base map installed, Race Tech can also create a custom map for your engine package.  RT has developed many maps for different packages including both stock and modified parts and components.

Vortex ECUs are for RACING ONLY! Not for highway (DOT) use.


Race Tech recommends and sells CP Pistons.  After years of experience and testing, CP has become the trusted piston supplier for Race Tech Engine Services.  CP Pistons have proven to be durable and reliable with excellent performance.  Race Tech has CP pistons for many models in stock.


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