Road and Street Performance


From cruisers hitting the mountain roads to your race bike laying down heaters on track days, we service all major brands of forks and shocks for your street machines! 

Good front end setup provides a firm yet plush feel that doesn't dive excessively. Race Tech's Gold Valve and Big Piston Fork (BPF) Fork Kits are designed to do just that. Gold Valves eliminate the limitations of the stock valving setup. Gold Valves improve flow to give outstanding performance, feel, feedback and tuneability. Gold Valve kits are an economical option for the rider in need of fork improvements without the cost of aftermarket cartridges. Perfect for the Street Rider, Track Day rider or Amateur Racer. 

Each Gold Valve Kit includes:

Gold Valves, Valving Charts and Shims to allow a custom setup for a specific rider and conditions. Race Tech's patented DVS (Digital Valving System) allows the installer to plug in your specific riding style and obtain specific valving and setup specs for your exact needs!

Stock Big Piston Fork (BPF) design has oversize, yet very restrictive pistons that are required to flow more than 10 times the fluid of a standard cartridge. This creates harshness and contributes to chatter during braking. Race Tech's BPF Gold Valves provide custom valving settings for the individual and improves handling, control, and ride dramatically. Kits include Gold Valves, shims, charts, top-out and bottom-out systems along with instructions      


Fork and shock replacement, revalveing, Rebuilds, as well as full custom and high end suspension with prices starting at:

$225.00 for Fork Revalve/Rebuild: (plus parts*) 
$225.00  for Shock Revalve/Rebuild (plus parts*)
*Parts can be any combination of Seals, Oil, Gold Valves, Springs, Bumpstop, Etc.


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